Andrew Sheret Limited - December 7th 2017

To whom it may concern,

We were having a recent run of break-ins in our yard so we hired Bighorn Security to do random checks of our yard while we were upgrading our security system. Cliff and his crew are very professional and their service provided the peace of mind and security we were looking for. I would highly recommend them for any security jobs, short or long term. 

Andrew Sheret Limited
Ryan Boon

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Kamloops Multicultural Society

Hello Donna and Staff,
What a treat it is to work with such a professional and courteous company as yours. The Canada Day Beverage Garden was the BEST ever and you were a big part of it.... We cannot thank you enough for your service. On behalf of the Kamloops Multicultural Society.
Thank you Unquote


Accent Inns

Thank you, Big Horn Security for your consistently, reliable and professional service. Knowing that any situation that arises will be handled in a thoughtful and calm manner makes running a 24-hour business, so much easier. Thanks again. unquote

Katie Bahnsen
Accent Inns