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Keeping homes and businesses safe and secure in Kamloops and surrounding areas is the business BigHorn Security is in. We know how important these spaces are to our customers, and we work hard to earn the trust required to let us protect and secure them. We work to build long-term relationships with our clients by offering the highest level of professional security service at the most competitive prices.

Whether you need a permanent solution like Alarm Response or On-Site Guard services, or just need something short-term, like Home Checks or Event Security, all of our Kamloops security services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Mobile Patrols are a cost-effective way to monitor your home or business around the clock. Done at pre-scheduled or random times, our RFID-enabled patrol guards will show up unannounced to deter theft, intrusion or property damage.

Checking for burnt out lighting and monitoring locks can help deter criminals from marking your building; looking for broken windows or disturbed doorways gives our Patrol Guards a heads up that there may have been some suspicious activity.

Our procedures for dealing with suspicious activity will leave you safely out of the picture and with all of the detailed information you need about the incident in a summarized report.


Many business owners and homeowners in Kamloops count on BigHorn Security as their first response to a security breach. Our Security Guards are trained to respond quickly and professionally to an activated security alarm, upon which they will perform a thorough external and internal patrol and remain on-site to provide security coverage and note further suspicious activity until the RCMP and client are notified and arrive on site.

Alarm response can be dangerous when it is unknown whether an intruder is still on the premises; choosing trained BigHorn staff as first responders prevents putting your key-holding staff at risk. As with all of our services, we are available 24/7/365 and provide a full report of any incident we attend. Let us see if we can be the safest solution for your alarm-response needs.


Also known as static-guard services, on-site guards are different from patrol guards, which are mobile. Static guards are those usually assigned at entrances and exits, occasionally conducting inspection on people who are passing their posts. They serve as a first line of security and a visible deterrent to unwanted activity.

Whether you require full-time security for your Kamloops business, hotel or multi-family dwelling, or you have a specific event need, BigHorn Security is happy to work with you on long- or short-term contracts. Our polite, reliable guards will be fully trained on site to understand and meet your security needs. This can include carrying out relevant scheduled patrols of the property checking for open windows, unlocked gates or doors, suspicious activity or other security weaknesses.

By evaluating and understanding each client’s specific corporate identity, we ensure that our services meet your individual needs and expectations. Call us to see if on-site guard services are the best choice for your safety concerns.


Kamloops retailers are up against all kinds of influences beyond their control. Profits face extinction against things like low consumer spending and increased operating costs. Loss prevention is one of the few areas where business owners can gain some control in their bottom lines.

Unfortunately, shoplifting and employee theft are two of the biggest threats to profit. Employing a loss-prevention officer is probably more affordable than most business owners realize. Give us a call to discuss whether one of our trained and trustworthy staff can help deter losses through theft and create a safe and professional work environment for your Kamloops business.


Going away for any length of time can be worrisome. All kinds of things can happen to threaten your home, whether by natural or accidental means, or due to a threat from an intruder. BigHorn Security offers home-check services to give you peace of mind while you can’t be there yourself.

The last thing you want to do is to alert potential thieves or vandals of your absence, so we will send an un-uniformed guard to check your home. While there, he or she will carry out a routine check of your premises, including all doors and windows, from inside and out, depending on the service you seek.

This will reduce the risk of theft and vandalism, and has the added benefit of meeting your insurance policy requirements, in the event you have a claim during your absence. Our services can be tailored to include all kinds of things that make you nervous when you can’t be home, including watering plants, clearing snow, adjusting lighting, meeting service people or bringing in mail and deliveries. Call us to see if we can take care of the things that worry you while you’re away.


A week doesn’t go by in Kamloops without a fantastic event of some kind, and BigHorn is usually there to keep it safe. Weddings, sporting events, live music or rodeos – whatever your event, security is in good hands with BigHorn.

Available day or night, every day of the year, our trained event-staff professionals are experts at running safe, secure events that leave you and your guests to participate as intended. Let us help with your event so that everything runs smoothly. Reach out to see if our services match your event security needs, whether on a short-term or long-term basis.