Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Bighorn Security provides security patrol services 365 days of the year to clients in Kamloops and the surrounding area. Night or day, our fully trained and RFID enabled* security guards will patrol your premises a pre-determined number of times on a random schedule to deter potential theft and intrusion.

They will check for burnt out lights, broken windows, door integrity, and secure all lockable doors, gates and windows. Our patrol security personnel will also check the surrounding area for suspicious activity and other security-related issues. Our vehicles have highly visible deterrent signage, and are equipped with GPS mapping systems.

In a case of suspicious activity, Bighorn Security mobile patrol personnel will activate Quick Alarm response, alert Emergency Authorities, and follow up with a detailed report. When it comes to security patrol companies in the Kamloops area, Bighorn Security will provide you a high level of quality security services that are backed up with professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness.

What Sets Bighorn Security Mobile Patrols Apart?

• Guards are RFID enabled
• Patrols are 365 days a year and are deliberately designed to be random to prevent routines being established and therefore predicted.
• Random or Pre-determined patrols
• Check for burnt out lights, broken windows, door integrity, check surrounding area for suspicious activity and other security related issues
• Highly visible deterrent signage
• Quick Alarm response
• Key Holding
• After hours Emergency Authorities contacted: Gas , Electrical, Plumbing, Glass, RCMP, etc.
• Secure all lockable doors, gates and windows
• Alarm activation
• Detailed report on any action required on site
• GPS mapping systems in vehicles

*RFID Tags (Radio Frequency Identification) are Next Generation Security Patrol Devices that allow us to provide additional accountability and reporting to you about our patrols and your alarm and site activity.

Our Services

These services are available 24 hours day or night, weekends and holidays.

  • Commercial/Residential Commercial / Residential
  • Retail Security Retail Security
  • Hotel/Motel Patrols Mobile Patrols


Kamloops Multicultural Society

Hello Donna and Staff,
What a treat it is to work with such a professional and courteous company as yours. The Canada Day Beverage Garden was the BEST ever and you were a big part of it.... We cannot thank you enough for your service. On behalf of the Kamloops Multicultural Society.
Thank you Unquote


Accent Inns

Thank you, Big Horn Security for your consistently, reliable and professional service. Knowing that any situation that arises will be handled in a thoughtful and calm manner makes running a 24-hour business, so much easier. Thanks again. unquote

Katie Bahnsen
Accent Inns