Security for Kamloops Homes and Businesses During Evacuation - July 10th 2018

BigHorn Security is a well-established Kamloops company that provides a number of security services, including watching property and securing areas in the unfortunate event of an evacuation. BigHorn will provide the highest quality services in a professional manner to help ease disruption from such unforeseen events.

Preparing an Emergency Plan is Important

As mentioned in our March blog, natural disasters and unexpected emergencies are a reality. BigHorn Security can work with your business to create a plan and to provide security during and after a disaster.

The priority of BigHorn will be keeping your assets safe from those who may take advantage of the access afforded by flood or fire. Our presence at your site will remove that kind of risk. We can be there during any delays in getting your business back up and running, or while you wait to get back into your home. This includes before and during your Insurance company's investigation.

As was evidenced in 2017, our beautiful province is not immune to large-scale natural disasters that can necessitate evacuation. In the event of possible floods or forest fires in 2018, it is important for each family and business owner to prepare an emergency plan.

What about the City's Responsibility?

The City of Kamloops has robust programs and procedures in place to oversee and coordinate large-scale emergency planning. In addition to this, each individual must be part of the preparedness piece. As stated in the City of Kamloops Emergency Program,
"Disasters and emergency events have shown the need for individuals to be prepared to look after themselves, their families and pets for a minimum of 72 hours."
Planning and preparing allow people to empower themselves in becoming ready for evacuation. In Stage One of an evacuation process - Evacuation Alert - authorities will make every effort to alert populations at risk of the potential for evacuation. If your emergency plan is still in the works, this is the time to firm it up, and make sure you have your grab-and-go emergency kit in your vehicle.

It is during Stage Two of an evacuation process, the Evacuation Order, that all persons in the affected area are ordered to leave immediately. This is the stage in which you will see companies such as BigHorn Security blocking accesses to areas at high risk for looting and vandalism.
As long as it is safe to do so, BigHorn will continue to secure areas and watch for suspicious activity until the end of Stage Three - Rescinded Evacuation Alert or Order.

Evacuation Preparedness Tips

While it may be scary to think about and plan for evacuation, it is recommended to do so periodically to ensure everyone is aware of what to do.
Small businesses can get prepared by following these four guidelines:
1) Learn what the potential hazards or risks are in your area.
2) Make a plan that allows you and your staff to respond quickly and effectively: core needs, contact lists, employee preparation, communicating information.
3) Prepare: stock supplies, protect critical paperwork, know how to turn off utilities.
4) Practice the plan.

BigHorn Security provides a wide range of 24/7 security services to residential and commercial clients in the Kamloops area. Contact Us to ask how we can be of service to you or your business in preparing your emergency plan and/or carrying it out in the event of an emergency.

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