Kamloops Security During Renovations and Unforseen Events - March 27th 2018

For many years now, BigHorn Security has been providing 24 hour residential and commercial security in Kamloops. As a local company, we care about the security of businesses of all sizes in our city. Over the past year we saw, along with all of the residents of Kamloops, the effects of natural disasters on companies and individuals. These events prompted us to make sure business owners are aware of how important security is for your business at times like immediately after a natural disaster or while you are doing renovations and repairs on buildings. Having a security plan in place, or knowing which security companies provide disaster security, can make a huge difference in the protection of your company assets.

Security For Natural Disasters and Emergencies

All around Kamloops and the BC Interior, 2017 will be remembered as a year of natural disasters. In the spring we experienced floods and their after-effects, then in the summer we experienced the results of province-wide wildfires. All around us we heard stories of homes and businesses being damaged or lost. We are grateful to be part of a city full of people who were willing to help those near and far who needed to leave their own homes.

Natural disasters and unexpected emergencies are a reality. The question business owners should ask themselves is whether their assets are protected from looters and other unscrupulous individuals after a disaster. Although there might not be much anyone could do in the event of city-wide evacuations – like what happened to many people in summer 2017 – there is much a security company like BigHorn Security can do for smaller scale disasters like your business’ offices experiencing a fire or flood.

As a business owner, it’s easy to believe your assets will be protected from the results of a natural disaster because you have insurance. Although it may be true that your company has insurance, if some assets can’t be found when the insurance company is able to arrive and investigate then it may not matter that you had insurance on them.

BigHorn offers security for your business during and after a disaster. We are able to make a plan with your company in case of a disaster, but we may also be able to help when you’re unprepared and realize you need security before your insurance company arrives. Call us at BigHorn and we can assure that your business assets will be secure.

Security During a Renovation

Renovating your office, restaurant, shop, or retail space can be exciting! It might represent growth for your company or simply be a remodel to make your space more functional for employees. More space – or more functional space – can be a great investment for your business.

With the excitement of renovations comes the matter of your business’ space being opened up and your assets becoming less secure. Whether that’s your tools, computers, retail products, or restaurant supplies, a renovation gives people access to areas of your business that they wouldn’t normally have.

When your company is renovating a building, you can contact BigHorn for all your security needs. Whether you need an on-site guard, a mobile patrol, loss prevention, or simply alarm response, we will make a plan with you to ensure your business is secure when you need it to be.

BigHorn Security keeps your important company assets secure after natural disasters and during renovations. If you need to create our plan or are experiencing a disaster that you need security for, contact us and we will work with you for the security of your company.

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