10 Problems Security Guards Can Solve For You - September 23rd 2020

Located in Kamloops B.C, BigHorn Security provides the highest level of security services to all our local Kamloops clients as well as to all clients in the surrounding area. With our extremely high level of professionalism, honesty, and affordability, we can ensure our clients get the absolute best protection and security available whether it is in a commercial, residential, or retail setting. We spare no effort when it comes to meeting the expectations and unique security requirements of each of our customers in addition to providing 24 hour/365 days with a year service by our exceedingly trained and qualified security guards and mobile patrol units.

With the demand for professional security guards increasing daily in Canada, we strive in keeping up with the most advanced technology making certain our security guards are supplied with the best equipment available.

The major responsibility of security guards is to protect against the possibility of threats, violence, theft, and burglary. Hiring quality trained professional security guards will allow for peace of mind that your business, home, or property is protected and secure.

10 Problems Security Guards Can Solve For You

1. Trespassing

Trespassing is an unlawful, aggravating and often dangerous activity. While some trespassers are repeat and frequent offenders, other trespassers can often be doing something accidentally. Security guards are trained in determining whether the trespassing individual’s intentions were, in fact, intentional or accidental. The security guard can then proceed with the appropriate actions necessary.

2. Shoplifting & Keeping Stock Safe

For the most part, all kinds of retail businesses, commercial outfits, residential property, and homes face the risk of theft.  Experiencing theft & theft attempts and having to deal with retail loss, equipment loss and the loss of belongings can be extremely frustrating and expensive.

Highly qualified security guards being present within or around a business, home or property quite often serves as a strong enough deterrent to discourage thieves before having the chance to pursue unlawful actions.

3. False Accusations & Mistaken Identity

Unfortunately, sometimes the finger gets pointed at an innocent person for someone else’s wrongdoings due to mistaken identity. Whether its theft, vandalism, or trespassing, having adequate security can drastically reduce the chances of that happening.`Security guards are extremely skilled and vigilant in keeping a watchful eye on all the activities within and around the surroundings of a building, home, or property. By having thoroughly trained and highly skilled security guard/guards in place, you will more than likely be able to spare the innocent of un-necessary grief and time while deflecting negative attention, especially towards a business.

4. Safety Concerns

In the absence of security guards, there is a higher chance that criminally minded people will grasp the opportunities to commit a crime. For example, having security guards stationed in the proximity of employees loading or unloading merchandise will without a doubt increase the safety exponentially, not only for the staff members but also for the delivery personal. Keeping employees and products protected is the top priority in any business.

5. Burglary & Robbery

The average person does not anticipate a robbery nor is prepared for reacting to a robbery.  Regardless of if you live in a big city, such as the beautiful Kamloops metropolis, or reside in a smaller and less populated area, it undoubtedly still occurs. Security guards are very well educated for dealing with unfortunate scenarios of this nature and are the best and most suited individuals to handle robberies as it is a part of their basic training. Such events can be detrimental due to the loss of large amounts of money, belongings, stock, and valuables. Preparing for the possibility of unanticipated events create a comfortable and safe environment for everyone involved.

6. Punctuality of Staff

Punctuality may not be typically thought about when you think of security guards. Security guards oversee the entire premises with a keen eye for who comes and goes, when and where. Staff members who are aware that there is an overall observation of everyone always will in all probability reduces the tardiness of employees.  

7. Vandalism

Mindless vandalism and deliberate destruction of personal or business property can be an overwhelming and exceedingly expensive ordeal. Worksites/construction areas are unfortunately highly targeted for acts of vandalism due to relatively minimal perimeter protection.

Security guards are experts at identifying construction sites and building weaknesses allowing for additional protection and security measures to be implemented.

On-site security guards and mobile patrol guards can reduce the risk of damages to equipment, job materials and the project itself by eliminating the possibilities of vandalism and unwanted activity before it occurs.

8.  Away From Home Stress

Leaving your home for an extended duration of time can be worrisome especially if you do not have anyone to watch over your home & property while you are away. This has a tend creating stress that you do not need during your absence.

Home checks can involve a variety of services including perimeter checks, indoor/outdoor window checks, clearing snow, meeting service people, retrieving mail and delivers to name a few. Home checks by security guards reduce the risk of burglary, vandalism and are an added benefit of meeting your insurance policy requirements. 

9. Special Occasions & Events Mishaps

Events and occasions are a regular occurrence pretty much anywhere and everywhere.  With large gatherings such as weddings, rodeos, concerts, conventions, and parties, we are all aware of just how quickly issues can arise. Security is a must when it comes to ensuring the safety and protection of the people that are a part of the event and to the facility at which the event takes place.

Security guards are essential in keeping an event protected from theft, altercations, and illegal activities. By hiring qualified security, the attending guests, as well as the event staff, will be safeguarded to the full extent and make for a smooth and enjoyable occasion for all.

10. Security Breaches

Alarm systems are on the uprise in Kamloops as they are in most areas as systems are becoming more user-friendly, easy to use and affordable. Responding to a triggered alarm can be a dangerous endeavour. The possibility of an intruder still being on-site makes for a situation the average person may not be prepared to handle, nor should they. Security guards are trained to respond extremely quickly to triggered security alarms. When on-site, they will perform thorough internal and external patrols and note further suspicious activity until local authorities arrive.

At BigHorn Security Inc, we know that security concerns and requirements vary among facilities, homes, and companies.  Our highly qualified team of security guards undergo extensive training to obtain the highest level of knowledge and methods to create safer environments for all our customers.

We provide friendly, reliable, and professional service to all our local Kamloops and surrounding area clients with customized security requirements for each need at affordable and competitive rates. Big Horn Security can protect you, your guests, and your assets, leaving you to stress-free knowing your business, home or property is in the best care available.

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