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BigHorn Security provides mobile patrols and on-site guard patrols for property and events in Kamloops and the surrounding area. Check back here often for more information and postings about the many events around Kamloops that we help secure and security tips and tricks for your business.

BigHorn Security Keeps Events Safe in the Tournament Capital
November 21st 2018

Kamloops event security is something BigHorn Security takes seriously. Thanks to our reputation of keeping events safe, we get to be involved in many big sporting, corporate, and community events. Check out some of the places we were in summer 2018!

Bighorn Security a Nominee for 2018 UnTapped Workplace Inclusion Awards
November 20th 2018

BigHorn Security, from Kamloops, was nominated for Open Door Group's Untapped Workplace Inclusion Award.

Security for Kamloops Homes and Businesses During Evacuation
July 10th 2018

At BigHorn Security we take evacuation preparedness seriously. Learn how we can help and read some tips for being ready and keeping your home or business secure during an evacuation.

BigHorn Security at the 2018 Kamloops Home Show
May 7th 2018

BigHorn Security participated in the Kamloops Home Show in 2018 to showcase our home and business security services for day, night, and during disasters.

Kamloops Security During Renovations and Unforseen Events
March 27th 2018

It's important to have a security plan in place for during a renovation of your Kamloops business or in case of unforeseen events. BigHorn Security can help in these situations!

Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel
February 5th 2018

BigHorn Security knows that BC Family Day is a fun time for people from Kamloops to travel. Here are some home security tips for while you're planning your holiday!

Security for the Kamloops International Baseball Tournament
July 7th 2017

BigHorn Security has been doing event security for the Kamloops International Baseball Tournament for the past 4 years. Come check out this annual event at NorBrock Stadium!

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Kamloops Multicultural Society

Hello Donna and Staff,
What a treat it is to work with such a professional and courteous company as yours. The Canada Day Beverage Garden was the BEST ever and you were a big part of it.... We cannot thank you enough for your service. On behalf of the Kamloops Multicultural Society.
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Accent Inns

Thank you, Big Horn Security for your consistently, reliable and professional service. Knowing that any situation that arises will be handled in a thoughtful and calm manner makes running a 24-hour business, so much easier. Thanks again. unquote

Katie Bahnsen
Accent Inns